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frank wrote at 2009-10-27 15:41:56
i have a sada luthier nagoya japon anno 1973 no 750, first owner and bought it in 1774 for about 500 euro in belgium.

David Shakespeare wrote at 2013-03-18 11:11:14
Hey Dave, I have a SADA dreadnaught shaped steel string with the same notation as yours on the sticker, except mine is Anno 1973 No 750. I got mine in 1978 from a friend, John Summers, an acoustic player from Sydney who had 2 of them. Al Ward was also playing one in the 70s. I heard a story that Mike McLelland brought several back to Australia from Japan, when he was there on some sort of Pacific songwriting competition.... and the guys in Sydney snapped them up. Lee Williams also played on for a time. I have just finished restringing mine.... I love it. It has been my only acoustic since '78, replaced the frets and had the fingerboard refinished has been played lots!!!!! Sounding better all the turns 40 this year. I have been interested to read some of the info available on the net about SADA, sounds like he was a true craftsman.

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Alvarez/Alvarez Yairi, K. Yairi, S. Yairi, and Yairi and Son. There are also a few export models, Wilson and Samick by S. Yairi. NOTE: Due to very limited info available on K. Yairi, S. Yairi, and Yairi and Son models, without photo's I won't be able to do the research necessary to try and find the answers you want. Even then, we are talking about 50+ Years of guitar manufacturing, with hundreds of different models. A lot of which were exported to other countries, where info is even harder to find, so, I can't guarantee that I will be able to pinpoint your EXACT model! I will do my best to gather as much info, and answer your questions. PLEASE, if you have questions in regards to OTHER BRANDS, use the Guitar-General catagory, as I won't be able to help you.


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