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Sterling K. Webb wrote at 2015-04-02 04:14:01
Angelica is a brand name used by UK importers Boosey & Hawkes.  Entry level guitars and basses based on classic American designs. Made in Japan, 1967 to 1975, possibly by Yusama. [Source: Tony Bacon and Paul Day, The Guru's Guitar Guide ] I have an Angelica Model 6810 with the serial number 04780018. My examination of mine reveals it to be made entirely of laminates: back, sides, and top (or face). There reviews at Harmony Central. They were never marketed directly into the United States, so somebody came back from Europe having bought a guitar on their vacation! They are a middle-quality guitar but they do sound better than anything else in the $100 to $150 price range. I know your question is old now, but I'm posting for anyone else that's Googling for information on Angelica.

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