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Do you know what we can sell a Takamine Company Guitar, stamped inside, Est. 1962, F385 with it's hard case.

Hi. These 12 string all laminate guitars usually sell for between $150.00 to $350.00 depending on condition, right now (10-22-14) in the current market. If you go to e bay and look under completed listings for a Takamine F-385, you will see the spread of amounts actually paid for a like item. I always caution folks not to look at what people are asking for an item on e bay in order to gain a sense of value. I can list a walnut for sale and ask $10,000.00 for it. This does not mean that I will sell the walnut for this outrageous price nor does it give a valid indication of it's true value. Again, search for what items actually sold for, not for what they are listed for. This is a true indicator of current market interest and value of any particular item. Also, things sell for more in a retail setting. Music instrument shop owners have to pay their bills and this is how they do it. No mystery here. But back to case in point. 12 string guitars never make up more than 3% of the total guitar market. High end Martin & Gibson 12 string guitars of recent vintage never sell for actually than $1000.00 and we are talking about some of the best guitar manufacturers in the world. In the main, there is never much demand for them in the secondary market because that market is throughly saturated. Takamine used to manufacture these guitars to look like Martin guitars with the same shape headstock and cursive headstock logo. Martin complained and Takamine stopped doing it on the F series guitars. They call these instruemt 'Lawsuit' guitars or "Lawsuit Era" guitars. There is a certain element in the collecting market that value these guitars and so there is that. As to your hardcase, are you sure it is in fact a hardcase or is it a chipboard cardboard one? Many folks do not distinguish between the two but the fact is, there is about $50.00-$75.00 differnce in overall value between the two. Hpe this helps. Cheers, Kevin

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I am a scholar and researcher of vintage Asain Import guitars and my area of expertise is Sigma by Martin fretted instruments imported by C.F. Martin & Co. from 1970-2007. I have been compiling materials and studying Sigma since 2008.

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