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I have played acoustic guitar off and on for over 30 years and am a moderate player.

I am trying to learn the Spanish guitar piece called Romanza and it has two parts.  In the second part, the second chord is a B7sus4.  It appears to require barring on the second fret and using the pinky to press down on the B string on the fifth fret.  I cannot seem to make this happen and I have pretty big hands.  I end up muting the next string or not getting full pressure on the strings.

Is there some technique that might help with this?

Hi. Thanks for the question. I think I can help, or at least try. I am familiar with the song and I know exactly to which part you refer. Among other things, I am a guitar instructor and I see this kind of thing regularly with new students. Do not fret (pun intended)-it is a technique issue. Without a guitar in hand move your elbow of your fingering hand down toward the ground (While keeping your shoulder squared) and push your wrist out until your fingers are pointed at your shoulder-this is the proper angle and degree inclination that your hand and wrist needs to be at in order to successfully accomplish this maneuver-now try doing this with your instrument while you are in the playing position. You must stretch your fingering arm down and around and bring your hand up (Down, Around,Up)to meet the fingerboard, pushing your wrist out while holding your arm away from your body in order to give your fingers the freedom to fly unencumbered and unrestricted, my friend! Give it a try. Also watch the wrist/hand-arm/elbow position(s) in this youtube video by LickNRiff demonstrating how he teaches students El Romanza! Relax and enjoy the experience! Hope this helps. Cheers, Kevin Dunham

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