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What might you tell me about my DR-35, with a head-stock serial number 905055, and another number on one of the back spines, S23677.

I purchased my Sigma (and hard shell case) at a thrift/antique shop in northern Maryland a couple of years ago for $300.00.  

Since then, I've had the nut and bridge/saddle replaced with bone, as well as the neck (including frets) readjusted/set-up for light strings.

Thanks for any feedback, Alan.

Sigma DR-35
Sigma DR-35  
Hi. Thanks for your inquiry. I do think I can help you but I am going to need some additional information. Please send me some clear, well lighted jpeg format images using your camera, not a cell phone, on the ‘macro’ setting if possible of the following:
A full front (obverse) view of the entire instrument
A full rear (reverse) view of the entire instrument
A full front (obverse) view of the headstock including the nut and the first three frets
A full rear (reverse) view of the headstock and at least 5 inches of neck
Clear well lighted images of any interior marks, stamps and/or labels
Since serial numbers, per se, are not really important in most cases concerning Sigma by Martin instruments, I will not be in need of those, however, I do want to impress upon you the importance of being able to clearly read the interior label or stamps. You can also go to my website for mor info. Please check out a ful front image of one of my DR-35's.

The quicker I receive these, the faster I can get the results back to you. Thanks again. Kevin

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