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QUESTION: Can you tell me what the facing of the headstock is covered with? It appears to be something made to look like rosewood but I'm not sure if it's a real rosewood veneer or some kind of painted decal or something it doesn't match any other part of the guitar which is mahogany. Also, do you know if this guitar has a solid spruce top? I purchased it new around 1990. Thanks, Andy

ANSWER: Hi Andy. The headstock plate is laminate Indian rosewood. The Sigma by Martin DM-4C was put on the Sigma price lists around April 1993 and was sold for a few years. The beginiing MSRP of this model was $525.00 USD. This is a all laminate guitar but the lam construction was a top notch 3 piece same species solid core method. This means the middle piece was solid and of the same type of wood. i.e., lower quality solid mahogany not suitable for facing would be the solid middle portion of this type of lam, faced on either side of A+ well figured mahogany veneer, This is also true of the other Sigma lam portions such as the spruce top. Hope this answers your query. Cheers

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QUESTION: The only thing is I definitely bought the guitar prior to 1993 in Portland, Maine. It may have been 1992 and I paid about $230. Could it have been an early release of the model or something?

Hi Andy-no, it is not an early was probably being sold before the new updted price lists came out. Here is the breakdown of what your model is:

D=Dreadnought body style
M= Mahogany Laminate(back and sides)
4= model number refers to the quality of materials used and number of appointments...the higher the number, the higher the quality og materials used, the level of craftmanship employed and the number of appointments present (like abalone inlay, etc) the highest number is 45, anything over the number 7 has a solid top
C: Cutaway body

Hope this helps, Cheers, Kevin  

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