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yairi_luvr wrote at 2008-07-23 09:16:07
The previous answer isn't quite correct.  First of all, the Alvarez Yairi (or K. Yairi) models do NOT use the serial number for dating.  As stated, they use the heelblock number, which is totally different, so this model was not made in the 1970's, and without the heelblock number you can't put a date on it.

Second, IF this model (GC-3) is an AY model, it may be a new model, as I have checked catalogs up to 2006 and find no such number listed.  I'm leaning more towards it being one from the K. Yairi lineup, as they do carry palor size models, and while most have K. Yairi (or the logo) on the headstock and not the AY, there are a FEW that do.  The only AY model that I know of that has a "G" in the model number, is the Jerry Garcia models that start with GY and are certainly not parlor size guitars.  

Also, not all Yairi (K.Yairi or AY) have gold tuners or abalone inlays, it just depends on what model it is.

If this IS a K. Yairi model, I'm not sure Tom K. would be able to help, since he deals with Alvarez and Alvarez Yairi models.  

REHII wrote at 2016-09-10 08:59:34
Man it's not from 1978!!

The serial number on the label of Alvarez Yairi guitars is not the same as the number stamped on the headblock that us s the year of the emperors reign to tell the year of manufacture! Look on the net to learn how to read the emperor code.

There is not much info on these "GC" models.

They were possibly some prototypes made to sell at Guitar Center.

Hence the GC

The top may be cedar but it's unusual for a parole size guitar.

They are usually spruce

The the c in GC most defiantly does not mean cedar.

There were several GC models made.

Maybe GC 1. GC 2 GC 3 and GC 4.

I have seen GC 1 and GC 2

I Gerard there were less likely Than 50 made total so they should be quite rare.

Alvarez Yairi guitars are usually laminate back and sides which kinda keep down there resale value.

But they are usually really great guitars.

The two GC models I have seen were offered for sale for between $600 and $1,200  

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