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Tom wrote at 2007-12-26 10:55:25
I too have an Apsen acoustic guitar much like the one you have described.  This is a great guitar and I wouldn't part with it for love or money.  I have played around in guitar shops and have played all sorts of guitars in price ranges up to $4,000. (Martins, Guilds, etc.)   Even the higher end guitars, while some can be quite nice, compares to my Aspen.  Maybe it's because this has been my guitar for so long we've just gotten used to each other.  I love this guitar.  Great volume, great sound, great tone, great product.  Never had any work done to it.  Bought it almost 30 years ago.  Paid about $125 for it back then.  Don't know what that would be in today's dollar.  Love this guitar.

Micky wrote at 2010-02-16 03:11:46
I have an Aspen maybe D28 type / I bough tin 1078 GREAT guitar probably not worth much to anyone but me still sound great will depart with it! hang onto yours!

Ed wrote at 2011-09-16 22:43:28
To Jimk,

Appreciate the info on Aspen Guitars made in Japan.  I own an Aspen AD35.  Bought new it new in the mid 70's. Plays great and its beautiful.  You stated that the Japan made models have solid tops. As much as I wished they had solid tops, these guitars do not have solid tops. If you have any supporting info that proves they are solid, please let me know.  

Thanks, Ed

Marvin Player wrote at 2012-08-28 16:45:10
Ed,  I have experience with 2 Aspen AD35 Gold Leaf label guitars.  One I worked on & set up for the owner.  Another I owned myself then later sold.

 According to the books they have laminate tops BUT ... that is incorrect.  I had mine down to our local very experienced luthier.  He looked at the top as well as the book and concurred.

 Long & short the two Gold leaf Label Aspen Ad35 that I encountered were both Solid top, lam back & sides.  Marv

Tom wrote at 2013-09-30 16:27:20
I own an Aspen AD-35 I purchased in 1978.  As for the construction materials used in this guitar, the top is solid maple, the back and sides are solid Brazilian Rosewood.  The guitar was made in Japan in 1978 to exacting standards by dedicated craftsmen and has a tonal quality that only improves with age.  If you were to ask any aspen AD-35 owner who maintains this instrument in fine condition, they would tell you that this is one of the best kept secrets of the guitar world and would not sell them at any price.  As for any other model, I don't think they garner the same prestige as the AD-35.  Tom

Jackson Myers wrote at 2014-11-01 15:20:16
i owned a aspen a-118 for years ... got new and had it checked out 2 months ago and was told its worth would be in and around the $2,800 to the $3.000 mark.   these are not around much due to lawsuit times.  and is why value is so high. i live in Canada so not sure worth in U. S. OF A.   Jackson Myers

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