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tomas wrote at 2008-10-20 22:16:21
It's an all-encompassing rumor re: Suzuki. The original lawsuit was Gibson RE: their dispute with Epiphone over the headstock design. Maybe the rumor continues because of the Japanese tradition (?) of copying popular styles, but Suzuki never was sued by anybody. They may have been scared...but during the 60's/70's the many Japanese guitar mfrs all copied the different US brands. Martin was flattered someone would want to copy their design...

jarrod wrote at 2015-05-29 20:57:43
NO. there was no lawsuit for any Japanese guitar manufacturers other than hoshino gakki the parent company of Ibanez by norlin parent group of Gibson , by the time the lawsuit was to be filed hoshino gakki had already changed the headstocks , and it was settled out of court .... so technically there was no lawsuit at all .... all other theories are a myth designed to build hype and price around some certain copies. if you would like more information regarding Suzuki guitars and their history ,, .  

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