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Acoustic Guitars/garcia classical guitar grade #1


Professor Ira Berlin wrote at 2008-02-06 09:32:00
Im a guitar fanatic and a history and instrument history proffeson at the university of maryland and the answer that person gave is 100% false. A grade 1 garcia acoustic guitar brand new in my time which was the early seventee's they were about $500 in this time a mint 1973 is worth more than $200 i assure you that idiot who gave that answer should come to one my lessons but first needs to meet the requirements of my university and with answer he gave you he could not even step foot in my classrom.

Ima-Kurickt Chu wrote at 2012-11-06 16:02:59
I actually bought one of these in the seventies and they were worth around 300-400 at the time.  They are decent to good guitars probably worth around 300-500 today in good-very-good condition.  This estimate is based on what I regularly see them sell for on Ebay, and pretty well reflects what they are probably worth in terms of sound and playability vs. expected longevity in 2012.  Professor Ira Berlin is not a professor of instrument history.  His focus is early american history near the civil war period.  I'm unaware of his concern for cheap instruments made in the 70s.  It is unlikely that this person claiming to be Ira Berlin is actually him.  The feigned outrage of that poster is quite laughable.

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