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Acoustic Guitars/any ideas about this guitar please?


Kane Mercer wrote at 2013-06-02 23:48:23
Well, without pictures it's impossible to determine. basically guitars labeled "Melody" today may go back to three main manufactures:

1- Italian Brand "Melody" known for very good reputation through the 60's and 70's. also for sometime, EKO (big Italian guitar manufacturer) bought the "Melody" brand. the Italian Melody got a good reputation for making Fender-like quality guitars!!! the workshop however closed in the 70's.

2- Sweden brand. little what I know about it. Sweden "Melody" was just a factory producing guitars in the 80's.

3- Asian produced guitars. (mostly Chinese)no specific brand, many factories use the "melody" label with different logos. I sometime got a one with a Logo that look like a circle with somehow thin "S" across it, good for a Chinese training guitar( you know, good sound, shiny and bright colors, smooth wood from the outside. some times good type of wood. and of course, law price compared to other training known guitar brands).

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