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"I'm a senior in high school and for our spring musical we are doing Grease. I have done musical theater for most of my life and usually don't have much trouble picking audition peaces but this time I'm stuck. Rizzo has always been my dream roll and now that I have a chance of going for this roll I want to make sure i have the best audition song and monologue that i can possibly find. No one in my theater troupe is really type cast as Rizzo so I think my Chances are high, the only thing is I don't want to do a song that is traditionally sung for auditions for the part of Rizzo like, Whatever Lola Wants (DAMN YANKEES)Steam Heat (PAJAMA GAME) Hit Me With A Hot Note And Watch Me Bounce (SWING and SOPHISTICATED LADIES or I Can Cook Too (ON THE TOWN) because I have a big theater troupe and almost everyone who is auditioning for Rizzo is singing one of these songs, so do you know any songs that would work for this audition that aren't always used for Rizzo auditions."

Hey Michelle...Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  

I think it is important for you to choose a song that you love and that shows your talent and that you can identify with.  If you do that, and prepare well, then it will work.  It will be a good audition.  Think of a musical that you love or a song that gets you going and do that.  It's more important that you can identify with the material and show your skill then for you to choose the right song.  The right song is really what you do with it.  

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