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QUESTION: ‎Does the musical or play of Rocky horror picture show ever come to Vancouver or Seattle area? Thank you!

ANSWER: If you are asking about a Broadway or touring production, I'm afraid I have bad news.

Since The Rocky Horror Show (the name of the original stage production) has been around so long (around 40 years) and is currently a favorite show to be produced by local community and fringe theatre companies, it is extremely unlikely that it will be produced as a touring production any time soon.

My best suggestion is that you keep your eyes open to see if a local production is being mounted, and go to see that. The only other suggestion I would have is that you buy or rent the filmed version, and enjoy that. (I highly recommend the British edition, as it contains an additional song and a different closing song than the American release.)

-- Spyder

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1. Is the Broadway production on DVD?
2. Does the dvd of the movie have nay special features?
3. What kind of local production would be playing it and where?

1. To my knowledge, the only production ever to be released on DVD was the film. (If memory serves me correctly, the original production played on London's West End but never appeared on Broadway. This is where most of the actors in the film version came from - everyone except Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon.)
2. As I'm not an expert on films released on DVD, I'm afraid I can't answer that. However, if you look it up on or some other retailer, I'm sure they would have that information.
3. It could be just about anyone anywhere as there are no restrictions on the rights as far as what kind of theatre company can produce it - it might even be produced by a high school troupe. (The TV series Glee did an episode where they were mounting a production, if that gives you a clue.)

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