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Acting in Plays, Singing/South Pacific: Bloody Mary


CarlaUber wrote at 2008-12-04 19:55:27
Hey Emily. it's carla. Um, I am not being mean, but I am just wondering why you think that you  do have more experience than me. I do things outside of school as I know that you do too. But whatever, You did great in the musical.

MKG wrote at 2014-07-13 20:19:42
The internet is really something! I am in the same situation this young lady is, though I am older.  Before I saw this question and answer, I had spent all this time trying to research who it is that has ever played Bloody Mary in all manner of productions. I found that, indeed, it has been quite a variety of ethnicities.. Between that finding and this answer here, I'm going for it!  

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Arlene Schulman


I have been a director, dramaturg, actor and acting coach for over twenty-five years and am happy to share my expertise in learning to act, character development, taking direction, acting styles and techniques, auditioning techniques, how to choose an audition monologue or song (but NOT specific audition songs or monologues), learning lines, script analysis, acting in musicals, dramas, comedies, farces, mysteries and even new plays in their first productions. I am NOT a voice teacher or vocal coach. My expertise is in acting and directing, not in singing. I can not advise you on specific audition songs, vocal exercises, how to stretch your range or on solving vocal problems. For that you need an expert on singing and vocal work. And there is at least one very good one on this list.


I have been a director, dramaturg, actor and acting coach in the NYC/NJ area for over twenty-four years. I have directed dramas, comedies, musicals, mysteries, thrillers and farces as well as directing original plays in staged readings, workshops, showcases and world premieres. I have worked with all level of actors from amateurs to Equity, from children to seniors.

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