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yellow ranger
yellow ranger  
QUESTION: how much do u think shes worth. the coin goes to the black ranger

ANSWER: Double error carded figure.  Neat piece.  The ranger with correct items carded in this condition might be worth 20 bucks or so. The black ranger coin is worth about 10 loose by itself.  The white ranger weapons are worth about 5 loose.  This card with this figure and wrong coin and wrong weapons....??????  I would place an appraisal value for insurance at about 100 bucks.  It may be the only one????  Price could be higher.  It could have been part of a number of errors the factory made or a counterfeit.  In that case the value would greatly diminish.  If the bubble and card were better I would place higher on it as well.  Right now the market on PW's is low.  If it comes back I would give it some ad space and see what it does.  Hope I helped.

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QUESTION: hey how do i get it appraised

Should be able to find a personal property appraiser pretty easily.  Your home owner/renter insurance agent may know where to send you.  Many auctioneers carry this designation as well.  Find one who knows what they are talking about and you trust.  Good luck!

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