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I have an creative artistic energies like

- voice over
- dance and performing
- acting
- modeling
- singer as choral performing
- creative writing ( screenplays-theater plays - stories)
- story teller
- collage arts design

1-but all that I just have energy-talent-amateur and I haven't any
professional experience or professional work

so how can I write proposal or letter for instance to entertainment or
related company mentioned fields to  access entertainment field as
newbie and catch an opportunity ?????????????

2- my questions is I want to find an international talent or creative
program to express my talent and catch what I'm good at and afford me
an opportunity to use all listed talents above or a competition can
share all what I listed above and win good prizes or large sum of
money or open a new career  opportunity specially on entertainment

please advise
thanks and best regards

You don't say where you are living, or your age, so I can only speak in generalities. However,
I'm afraid my answer would be disappointing to you whatever details you had included.
Without the background I can only give you the bad news, and not really be helpful about ways to improve your odds.

You say you have no professional experience -- the list of energies is ambitious, since it covers eight quite different sets of skills.
Realistically, you would only be able to use one or two, and showing more reduces your believability.

You might manage to slide into an entertainment company as something else, say as a clerk or a box office person, and move across to performing in an emergency. One does hear these stories, but only because they are so rare and so precious in the mind of those who are waiting for the miracle to happen to them.

Any agent wants to find a proven performer, with a list of work done, sufficiently close to be able to audition at a moment's notice. An agent gives away a bit of his reputation when he sends you to audition. If you aren't interesting and professional, the casting director reduces the agent's reputation value.

All performance programmes are highly contested, even those which are simply ways to cheat people out of their money.
Three years or more of training should give you an idea of where you stand in the ranking.
When you graduate and audition against other graduates and young professionals, you REALLY see what the odds are against you.

There are prizes available to performers, often through colleges, but they are rarely anything you could live on for long.

Your job as a wannabee actor is to know what an agent, or casting director, or theatre, is looking for, and find a way to give them what they want. If you have the product they want, and if you can get to show it to them, they will find a way to hire you.

But it sounds as if you are a way away from that. Start by finding somewhere local that can give you a little tiny chance to use your skills. Build on your experience, build a local reputation as reliable, and with luck you'l be offered more chances and better ones, to use as your next step up the long ladder.

Climb well, keep your eye on the goal, high above you.

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