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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Cross,

Can you please guide me regarding the acupressure point on dorsal surface of the foot.
The point on the 3rd metatarsal in the depression of the 3rd finger (from toe) on the dorsal surface of foot. I don't know the uses of that point. This point really causes pain to my husband even on gentle pressure.  Please guide me on this.

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ANSWER: Hello Shilpa - Thanks for the question. Could you be a bit more specific on the position of the acupoint? It makes a big difference. Is it between the 2nd and 3rd. M/T or the 3rd and 4th. - John

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QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt reply.
Please tell me about both the conditions.

Dorsum of Foot
Dorsum of Foot  
I don't know what you mean and you didn't answer my question. There are many acupressure points near where you are describing. I have sent a picture of the dorsum of a foot - mark it where the pain is and send it to me by email at or through All Experts. I can then answer your question - John


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