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I ran 30 minutes before I did hamstring stretch(the stretch posture is standing with both feet, then stepping right foot forward and stand on the heel of right foot and bend at the hip to reach right foot with right hand). Because I skip doing this posture about one month and this time start doing this posture by bouncing(to reach the foot quickly), so I have hamstring injury. Could you reccommend acupressure point that can facilitate healing process and other thing that I need to do, please?

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Hi - good of you to write. The hamstring group of muscles are linked to the Large Intestine meridian (in Applied Kinesiology) so to try and strengthen the hamstrings you need to work on 4 acupoints. Firstly energy balance ST 36 and LI 11, then energy balance LI 5 and SI 5. These points are just held for about 20 seconds each pair. Do this about four times a day - they should feel better within about 3 days. You can also try and massage point LR 3 (Liver 3) that is situated in the web between the big toe and 2nd toe - this will help relax the muscles - massage this point up to a minute twice a day. - Hope this helps - John


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