Dear Dr. Cross,

I am trying to explore options that can help me sleep deeply.  I did not know if maybe you could help.

I am dealing with abrupt noise disturbance interrupting my sleep from my neighbor (car horn, dragging furniture, thumps and bangs).  I can play white noise and random sounds that vary in pitch but maintain consistency and fall asleep.  It is interesting because moments before I come into consciousness I realize that I don't hear anything until my awareness comes into the sound.  It is loud the noise I am playing but it is as if the noise disappears as I am sound asleep.

Is there any practices that can help encourage, strengthen, and prolong this state?  An undesirable option is to fall asleep to those very same sounds that wake me up, I did not know if my body could healthfully adapt to the following sleep practice if that was an option I had to choose.

Thank you

Hello John - Sorry to hear you are having 'nocturnal disturbance'. I cannot give you advice regards your specific dilemma, but can offer some self help for insomnia - a way of sending yourself into deep relaxation in order to sleep. The two acupoints to use are Yintang and HT 7 (Shenmen). Yintang is situated between the eyebrows on the central line (often called the ajna chakra) and HT 7 is situated by the front wrist crease on the little finger side. The ideal is to sleep on your side - then place the middle finger pad of the hand underneath the body on Yintang - then place the other middle finger pad on the HT 7 point. Sounds complicated but easy to do. You then need to do some very gentle massage on both points for a few seconds followed by keeping the fingers quite still. With focus and intention on these two points, it should relax the mind enough to send you off to sleep - hope it works. All best wishes - John


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