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Dr. Cross,

Would appreciate your advice. In your book "Healing with the Chakra Energy System", you mention referred pain.

So far Iíve seen Referred Pain Maps that generally show the trigger points IN THE VICINITY OF PAIN SOURCE.

And I understand the trigger points may also be IN THE MOST DISTANT PARTS OF THE BODY from the sources of pain. An example would be trigger point(s) in the LOWER body for a pain felt in UPPER part.

Would greatly appreciate if you could point me to such information?

For me, the key words for my query above would be the map of TYPICAL, DISTANT trigger points.

Thank you,


In this instance, by 'referred pain', I meant the 'orthodox' meaning of the word - namely pain felt down the arm from a neck disc prolapse or sciatica from lumbar spine inflammation. Referred pain from a 'reflextherapy', acupuncture or trigger point point of view is something entirely different. In this case there are literally hundreds of combinations. The book I'm writing at present will cover the hundreds of 'referred' elements from each of the segmental levels of the spine - it is complicated! Hope this all makes sense - John


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