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Acupressure/Your book 'Healing with the Chakra Energy System'.


QUESTION: Dr. Cross,

I have your book 'Healing with the Chakra Energy System'.

In one of your communications (to me) recently, you discussed Parallel Reflected Areas of pain.

Your quote was:
“Each area of the body may be energetically linked to at least 3 other regions.
For example the RIGHT shoulder joint is reflected to the
•   Left shoulder joint,
•   Right hip joint,
•   Acupoint St 38 on same side,
•   Acupoint Li 7 on opposite side,
•   Foot reflex,
•   Hand reflex etc.
•   Even referred into the tongue, eye and skull. “

Would appreciate a source that would describe more of the areas of body in a similar approach, with respect to being energetically linked to other regions.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi BK,  Most of this stuff is my own work but is based upon traditional reflextherapy/reflexology. My book 'Reflected Energy Pathways' has many diagrams showing these links as reflexes or meridians. I'm presently writing a book called 'The Holistic Spine and Skull' where all the spinal reflexes will be dealt with in depth and I shall be including references to other folks' work on the subject. Hope this helps. - John  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you, Dr. Cross.

1.  If I decided to order 'Reflected Energy Pathways', would it be possible to do it from you directly. (I am in the USA).

2.  What is the status of availability for 'The Holistic Spine and Skull'?

Thank you again.

Yes you can order it directly from my web site You can pay by either Paypal or credit card - you'll find it via the Contact Us page - if ordering don't forget to press the 'Shipping' button as well as the book. I have completed 3 chapters on the Holistic Spine book and should finish it by the Spring - it is my winter project (along with 2 million other things <grin>) - best wishes - John


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