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Acupressure/Lower back and leg issue


Dr Cross,

Would appreciate your advice.
Couple of months ago I started having pain in the lower back, on the left side.

After several weeks, the lower back pain generally stopped. And then the pain shifted to the left hip and down the left leg, sometimes reaching the front of left ankle.

Itís not static, as it is traveling along the left leg, and itís felt mostly in the mornings, sometimes disappearing during day time.
Would greatly appreciate if you advise me on the protocol for this condition.


It sounds very much like sciatica to me. This may be caused by a 'trapped nerve' in the lower lumbar spine. The best course of action would be to see a reputable osteopath or physical therapist. However, to help with the discomfort, you can do some massage at acupoint BL 62. This is situated just underneath the outside ankle bone (lateral malleolus). It is sometimes difficult to reach so someone else may have to work on it. Gently massage the point (Do NOT massage heavily) for a couple of minutes until the pain starts to ease. Hope it works - best wishes - John


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