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Acupressure/high BP and resting HR after AF ablation


Hello-I had an AF ablation 5 months ago, ( which seems to have been successful) and immediately afterwards my BP went from around 110/60 to about 135/80 or higher and my RHR went from around 60 to 95 and has stayed there. My Dr tells me that I JUST need to take beta-blockers for the rest of my life, even tho' they have reduced my BP to below what it was before but still left my RHR at around 85. ( Cardio claims the instant and prolonged inc in BP actually couldn't have had anything to do with the  ablation and was a mere co-incidence-this guy is at a major Chicago hospital!) I have also had GERD since the ablation which he thinks will improve-eventually.
I am fit, active, eat a healthy diet and don't smoke or drink and am not overweight. ( and under 60-just!)
Is there anything that acupressure or acupuncture can do to permanently return my HR and BP to where it used to be without drugs which only 1/2 do the job anyway?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated-thank-you.

Hi there, good of you to contact me and to seek advice. I have found from personal experience (having had an ablation myself) that the mid dorsal nerves (sympathetic) at T6-7-8 that supply the heart, also have an influence on the stomach and diaphragm. This could be causing the GERD. To remove this from the equation, I would take yourself along to a physical therapist or other body worker who you trust to check out the spine - it could be the answer. It may also be the answer to your heart rate being high. Incidentally your present BP is still comparatively low for someone at (nearly) 60. As well as seeking advice from the physio, you could do the following to help reduce the BP:-

1. Concentrate on deep breathing that is centred on the diaphragm or lower belly - do this whilst relaxing or meditating.

2. Also when lying down or sat comfortably, hold the lobes of the ears gently with each forefinger and thumb and exert a gentle downward pressure for anything up to five minutes. Do this once a day - evenings are best. This is a Craniosacral technique that has its roots in acupressure - it works very well but the BP will only reduce slowly over a period of weeks.

3. To help both the BP and GERD symptoms, you could do some acupressure on both ST 36 and KID 1. ST 36 is situated just below the knee on the lateral aspect and KID 1 is on the sole of the foot - I cannot load up diagrams through this medium so perhaps you can look them up. You will need to sit up in bed and lean forward, placing the middle finger pads on each point - it doesn't matter if it is left or right. Or you can get someone do it for you. Try holding the points for a couple of minutes twice a day.

Let me know how you get on. - John


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