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Hi John, I was very grateful to find you previous answer about acupressure to stimulate dopamine production . I am stimulating the suggested points twice a day. I have had a neurotransmitter test reveal I have low serotonin, low dopamine, GABA and high adrenaline. I have had a range of profound an frightening impacts including change in vision, joint pain, fatigue, and burning/cold /buzzing/pins and needles sensation throughout my body.I had depression previously but this does not seem to be a feature now. I have just started taking a natural supplement called 5HTP for serotonin but I want to ensure that the dopamine is being addressed and the adrenaline (which I think may be the worst offender) is coming down. I am just wondering if the point you recommend (governor 20 + 2 fingers below belly button) is a general neurotransmitter balancing. Also i couldn't find a follow up post - you mentioned you would get back to this person after they had tried this for a few weeks. Most grateful for your help.  Thanks

Hi Tanja, I am pleased you are feeling better in yourself even though the dopamine and adrenaline levels are erratic. I have heard good reports about 5HTP so that should improve things. Stop using the acupoints I suggested last time and proceed to the following.

1. To help lower adrenalin output try and sedate acupoint KI 1 on the soles of the feet. This takes some reaching but can be done if you sit forward and bend the knees right up. Try holding the bilateral points for up to a couple of minutes a time twice a day. I emphasis just HOLD the points - do not massage.

2. To help with dopamine (and other neurotransmitters), the best point is Gov 20 - which you have tried before. The other good ones are GB 4, 5, 6 and 7. These lie on a line on the side of the head. You'll need to Google a diagram for these as I cannot send you an illustration through this web site. These need to be massaged in order for about 30 seconds each, twice a day.

See how this goes for a couple of weeks and get back to me.



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