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Dear John,   I have a question concerning shiatsu. A long time ago, back in the late 70's, I had badly injured my my right knee. I had tripped and fallen into the corner of a coffee table. It severely injured my right knee; extreme pain, swelling and horrible discolorations. I honestly could barely walk on that leg. Anyway, prior to this event, I had scheduled an appointment with my cousin Tom, who was studying the art of shiatsu, to come over to the house and give me a massage. He was studying under someone with the last name of Murray, late 1970's. Well, he came down to my home and gave me the massage. It took about 45 minutes. Afterwards I felt tremendous. I was so extremely relaxed. The point of this story is that the injured knee was immediately healed. And I'm telling you the truth. Now, it was still horribly discolored, but absolutely all the pain was gone. I could bend and walk on it like I had 2 days prior. It was as if I had never hurt myself. So, this leads me to my question. Do you think shiatsu could do the same thing for an injury I received in my back from a severe auto crash years ago? Muscles and tendons suffered trauma from the accident and have been bothering me for 19 years. I have never sought treatment of any kind. And do you know, until just recently, I never gave shiatsu a thought. Not until a few weeks ago. Why? I don't know!! You would think, having had such success for a severe injury to my body in the past, shiatsu would have been the first thing I should have thought of. Talk about dumb. I must admit, I forgot and I just remembered. I did receive physical therapy for a few months back in 1995 immediately after the accident. But it did absolutely nothing. So what do think?? Should I give shiatsu a try or is it too late? I mean, so much time has passed since the original injury. Could you please comment? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much!     Mark

Hello Mark, Good to hear from you. I think, possibly, you have answered your own question - if you had success before with shiatsu then it's worth giving it a go now. It underlines the fact that shiatsu (and other forms of touch therapy) are holistic in their approach and do not necessarily treat symptoms. By treating the whole, the specific is also addressed and it usually doesn't matter if it is an accident/injury that causes physical symptoms. As your spinal imbalance is obviously more long standing and chronic than the knee problem was, I doubt whether you will get another 'instant miracle' as before though. But go for it!!


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