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scalp hair
scalp hair  
Hello sir i am  mbbs graduate doctor  i am 27 year old male and  i have thin and dry hair with premature greying of hairs also i have 2to 3 white hair in beard .my temporal and frontal  mainy hairs lost and i have mild baldness in this area and i also have hair fall problem
My father and grand father both of them have baldness
Now i want to know that.any thing available for me atleast for hair falling for rest of my hair and stop premature greying

Hello Dr. Khan - Thank you for writing to me. To my knowledge there is nothing using either acupressure or acupuncture that can treat baldness that is either hereditary or genetic. I've been asked this scores of times over the years. If there is a specific 'exciting' cause for the hair loss, this could be different. Sorry to disappoint you. = John


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