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Dear Dr. Cross, About a week ago I yawned hard several times and now the right side of my jaw is so sore that it hurts to open my mouth wide enough to insert a spoon! I found that pressing the ST6 point while moving the jaw alieviates pain. My main concern here, however, is the other part of the picture in "as above, so below," as far as digestion is concerned. I've taken to blending all of my food, but wonder what the meaning of this is if acupuncture would help, which points to use, and how to apply them. I am also in the process of recovering from serious health issues and need to be well nourished. Thank you so much, and blessings on you, Sir.

Hello Carol, Sorry to be late in replying but my internet has been down with recent storms. Having TMJ pain and problems doesn't necessarily mean there is stomach energy imbalance. Local points such as ST6 and ST7 can only help so much. Why not try massaging the distal points of ST 36 and GB 34. These are both situated around the knee and make excellent pain relief points for around the jaw and TMJ. Also you will be helping both the general stomach energy levels as well as improving gall bladder energy that in turn will help strengthen ligaments. Hope this helps and let me know if you want any more information. Best wishes, John


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