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Dr. Cross,

Would appreciate your comment.

I am 69. More than 10 years ago my doctor found some murmurs in my heart. After the echo test they concluded it was mitral valve prolapse, with no symptoms.

Recently, they repeated the echo test. The prolapse somewhat progressed, with no symptoms. Now they will do test once a year.

I realize that mitral valve prolapse is a structural condition. Iíve always been active doing exercises practically every day, and strongly believe in energetic approach, including acupressure.

Would greatly appreciate if you could recommend acupressure points for mitral valve condition.

Thank you for your time.


Hello and thanks for the question. As you say - it is a physical problem, but you can help the heart and soft tissue of the mitral valve by two different approaches. The first is acupressure and the second is exercise.

Acupressure consists of 2 acupoints - one to help support the heart energy - HT 3 and the other to help support the connective tissue from which the mitral valve is derived - SP 10. HT 3 is situated on the inner aspect of the elbow and SP 10 is in the medial aspect of the quads muscle (vastus medialis) by the knee. These 2 points need to be massaged for about 30 seconds 3 times a day.

Exercising the thoracic spine is very important - bending down, touching toes, side bending, twisting all help to free up the small vetebral joints in the middle of the back. If these are freed up it helps with the circulation and the nerve supply to the heart - the specific level is T5-6 but you won't be able to be that specific yourself - it will need a physio or osteopath to mobilize the vertebrae for you. Hope this helps. - John


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