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Acupuncture/Sagging cheeks and neck


Hello, I am 50 years old. Could you share please if there is an effective non-invasive treatment for sagging skin? Thanks!

Hey Alex,

Acupuncture is great for cosmetic work. Any area that you can move the skin a quarter inch and notice a positive change can be helped.
One of the things that you might want to look at is both herbs and nutritional supplements to support the skin.
We need to look at why is the skin and muscle sagging in the first place. Chances are there is a constitutional issue that needs to be addressed.
Taking a look at both the lung and spleen would be useful as well.

Nothing happens in a vacuum, use acupuncture to treat the affected areas, but until you find the root of why it's happening in the first place,
you'll have to constantly treat the symptoms.

Hope that helps,

R. Scott Malone LAc.


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