my 23 year old daughter has just started having seizures, on the first day she had at least 40 then the second day around 10 then aroung 6 and 6 days later she has around 4, she has been tested at the hospital and they found nothing. they last for a minute or so and she doesnt remember anything and all her muscles hurt after, please help, what could they be and what could we do?

Hello, hello,

Interesting that this question came up, I was just speaking to a couple this weekend about a parent with something very similar.

This subject is near to my heart as my father had them and he was the first case that I treated with Chinese medicine.
In my father's case it was caused by a blood deficiency which set him up for what we call liver yang rising or liver wind rising.
If you would like for me to take a closer look, send an e-mail to me at and I'll shoot you an intake form. I would however recommend that you find someone local to treat her as quickly as possible.

In women, it typically occurs when you have a combination of heavy cycles and high stress.

The formulas Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin or Long Dan Xie Gan Tang are a great place to start as they are very good at stopping the acute problem. After that, it would be best to have a formula to treat the root.

These fall under the catagory of wind stroke, and before you just take a random formula it is important to know what type. Does she get rigid or flaccid? From the way her muscles hurt, it seems like the rigid type.

I would get her into a TCM doctor as soon as possible. I believe it will serve her greatly.
A combination of herbs and acupuncture should clear the wind in no time and give her pretty quick relief. After that it is a matter of rectifying the constitutional imbalance.

If I can be of further service, I am at your disposal.
Be well,

R Scott Malone LAc


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