I have what i believe is agoraphobia (western diagnosis). In other words, i fear when i am in a situation i cant immediately leave.. i dont travel becsuse i fear i will lose control.. i get very anxious even thinking about trsveling. Or it could be something as simple as sitting in a meeting all day.. i will start thinking and worrying what if i lose control and then start to panic. I also start getting depressed because of my anxiety.. i also feel guilty about alot of past issues.. stupid things that other people will bput brhind them but i dont.  Ive been taking xiao yao wan with wen dan wan for several months now. They seemvto have helped with alot of the depressed guilt areas . It has also helped with socual anxiety issues and emotional issues.. i am a male, so it seems like im more emotional then other men. My wife and kids need a vacation and i am unable to give it to them because of my anxiey. I thought about changing to jia wei xiao yao wan and gui pi wan... Is this a good idea? My tongue is scalloped on edges and pink. Maybe a thin white coat.... When i start getting nervous or panicing, i get hot flashes with cold sweat and my feet and legs tingle. I also cant consentrate at all, i get overwhelmed and can not think straight. I start thinking what if i freak out and start trying to hurt someone or hurt. Myself or what if i have heart attack... Just a bunch of what ifs.... Please help...

The best thing to do is to go to a professional.  They will be able to properly diagnose you.  It is very hard to know if this is a spleen qi deficiency or a liver qi stagnation, or a heart qi or kidney qi deficiency.  It could be a combo of all of them.  I know it would be stressful to go out and get diagnosed.  Maybe someone would be willing to come to you.  Acupuncture would really help you too.  Emotional Freedom technique tapping acupuncture points could help.  Google HT7, LIV3, Yin Tang, Sp6. Kid3.  Tap these points when ever you are feeling anxious.  Your tongue sounds damp, so I would say support your spleen.  So may be gui pi tang,  I think probably you have stagnant qi.  If your tongue is purple you probably do.  Then adding xiao yao wan would be good.  jia wei xiao yao wan is just a cooler formula. Needed of your getting hot flashes.  but if also cold sweats you might not want to do jia wei.  

I hope this helps,


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