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Hope all is well with you.  You were so helpful to me last summer when I was first starting Women's Precious teapills in trying to get my body reading for pregnancy.  I stuck with them and have felt amazing since being on them.  I am diagnosed unexplained infertility and have now decided to move on to IVF since no one can tell me what is wrong.  Thus I've been doing both acupuncture and my herbs leading up to the IVF.  My plan is to stop the herbs once I started the stimulation drugs (which I did do), however I did take the herbs while on birth control pills for 18 days pre-IVF.  At my baseline ultrasound the day after my last birth control pill, I had two cysts (measuring 20mm and 13 mm) however both were non functional as my estrogen level was 20.  Also, the 20mm was seen about 9 days before and had not grown at all during that time.  I was given the all clear to start my IVF cycle and stopped the herbs that same day since I would be starting the stimulation drugs a few days later.

My question is could the Womens Precious Herbs have interacted with the birth control pills causing them not to be as effective in suppressing my ovaries and causing the cysts?

Many thanks as always for your insight.

ANSWER: Hey Sunny,

Anything is possible, but I don't think so.
20 years in practice and I have yet to see a drug herb interaction.
That may be because I always have the patient take the herbs an hour before
Any drugs though.
Your herbs are nourishing food essentially, but you might check the side-effects
Of your drugs.
There are great formulas to clear cysts that you might talk to your herbalist
About As well.

Good luck, let me know how it all works out!

R Scott Malone LAc

PS sorry to take so long, I went on vacation and forgot to put a notice
On the site.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much Scott and hope you had a great vacation. The cysts were non-estrogen producing and disappeared at some point during my stimulation phase. My cycle has progressed beautifully and I did not have any pain, discomfort anything! I attribute it completely to acupuncture. I never felt any of the follicles growing in me - and as of today (day of trigger) I have 19 measurable follicles! I feel great! Thanks for all your advice. The herbs and acupuncture have been invaluable to my success so far.

Hey Sunny,

I did have one more thought on your ability to get pregnant.

How is the other half of the equasion? Is he fit, healthy or fatigued?

It's always a good idea to have the other half checked out and on herbs as well.

Good Luck and Pre-Congrats!!

R. Scott


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