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Acupuncture/Daughter Diagnosed with Rare Neuroautoimmune Disease


Hi Heather,

My 26 year old daughter was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (variant of M.S.), a rare neuroautoimmune disease, last August after several misdiagnosis at 2 different hospitals. The NMO caused severe inflamation and damage to the nerves in her lower back that created bladder, bowel and parenthesis, so she can't walk but has feeling in her legs. So far treatment has been with a Neurologist, Urologist, Physiatrist, Physical Therapy, too name a few. She wants to try Acupuncture as I've been researching that this may help her regain her ability to walk again. I've heard that "scalp acupuncture" has been helpful in people with stroke, myelitis diseases, spinal chord injury regain function. Also she's on many prescribed meds to help stave off any future neurological attacks as the last one created lesions on her brain.  She's is very depressed.  Before all this happened she had severe anxiety and agoraphobia that has since been treated with a MAO patch that controls it and allows her to travel to L.A. to see her doctors. She knows that she wants to add acupuncture to her treatment regimen to see if will help her restore function, reduce pain in her damaged nerves, but we don't know if there are any other alternative types of medicine that we should also try to see if that would help improve her health?  I would like to say cure but not sure if that would be possible with alternative therapies?

Hi Cynthia, I tried to answer this earlier and my computer crashed.  I think your daughter should try acupuncture.  I have helped many people with MS and other types of demylelination diseases.  Some have had extreme benefits.  Scalp acupuncture is always a part of those treatments.  It will also help her balance her mood and phobias.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine can slow or reverse her degeneration.  Please go to the to find a qualified practitioner.  Someone with a masters degree will understand herbs as well.  Good luck with everything.  

Heather Vandeburg LAc MSOM diplAc  


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