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Sir,my son 12y inflicted DMD now on wheelchair please help me regarding treatment by chinease medicine

Darn, I thought I already answered you with a really nice message.  I dont see it here.  Your son has what we in Chinese medicine call Wei syndrome. Wasting.  Some great points to massage everyday are ST36, SP6, KID3, LI11,  You can look them up on google to find their location.  Every day a couple times a day massage them.  They may be tender to the touch that just mean they need to be treated.  There are great herbal formulas for wei syndrome.  You would need to go to a Chinese Herbalist to be evaluated and have a good formula picked out based on your sons pattern.  He can improve with Chinese Medicine.  It may just be a way of keeping him from getting worse.  I hope this helps and good luck to you.  go to to find a qualified practitioner in your area.  

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