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hello -

I suffered a neck injury about 6 weeks ago.  MRI showed bulging discs, cervical spondylosis and I have a "pinched nerve" with a numb index finger and a weak triceps muscle.  while I was waiting to see a specialist I thought about trying acupuncture.  I was assured it could not make things worse.

The night after my first treatment in 20 years I awoke, got up and my legs felt rubbery, and not quite right, I felt like I was walking on air and was unsteady.  It was still there in the morning, I felt unsteady walking.  A very strange sensation.  I called the clinic, the owner said she had never heard of this side effect.  An MD friend said I should see a doctor so off I went.

My diagnosis: vertigo.  The MD said it can take hours, days or weeks to go away.  She did not seem to think it was related to the cervical problem but I did some research and it can be.   I have occasional feelings of faint nausea. I think the acupuncture somehow did something to bring it on, I have NEVER had vertigo before.

It's been 6 days and I still have it.  I walk very slowly and feel unbalanced.  I have only driven once and probably should not.  Am very worried about this.  Do you have any advice or thoughts?  I read that an acupuncturist who is too aggressive with treatment could cause this.

Thank you.

Hi Rose, I understand your worry and concern. You need to go back to your acupuncturist and have them help you through this.  That is what they are trained to do.  Sometimes things are stirred up with acupuncture and things can be aggravated.  But they will settle back down.  It sounds like you have internal wind.  Was your treatment lots of hand stimulation and deep needling? That is a very aggressive treatment.  

This is something very treatable with acupuncture.  Please contact them. They should be able to right the situation.



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