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Dear Heather,
Very excited about your participation in the ULF conference! My son has adrenoleukodystrophy and suffers from high extensor tone. Can acupunture relax his tone and help with the lesions in his brain? Thank you.

Hi Chris,
I believe that acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very beneficial to people with Leukodystrophy.  Yes Acupuncture can really help modulate muscle tone and tendon tightness.  Herbal medicine and acupuncture will also help with Myelin issues and lesions in the brain.  The important thing is to find a qualified practitioner.  Please go to  It is a buyer beware market for acupuncture.  people with as little as a weekend course can practice it.  You want someone with a masters degree that practices herbal medicine everyday as well as acupuncture.  You can massage his GB34 and GV17 everyday.  Google those points to find their location. 1-3 min each session.  They maybe tender. Good luck.  Listening to parents stories was heart wrenching.   

Warm Regards,
Heather Vandeburg MSOM LAc diplAc


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