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Acupuncture/Astragulus Root and American Ginseng


Hi Scott -

Another question for you.  My IVF cycle didn't result in a pregnancy but we gained a good number of confirmations from it - namely we produce beautiful embryos that all survived past day 6 in the lab (with two that they chose not to freeze hatching on their own at day 7) and we don't have a fertilization problem as we had great success with conventional fertilization.  So maybe it is just a fluke that it didn't work or I am starting to wonder if I have an immune implantation issue as even my monitored natural/non-medicated cycles have always been perfect from a hormone and egg maturuty/sperm parameter perspective.

So I asked my acupuncture if he can give me anything for my immune response and he said while he doesn't think that is an issue for me, he was willing to give me a pill containing Astragulus and American Ginseng as he said it won't hurt anything.  I just want to get your take on it.  Can I take this throughout my cycle? If I have a hyperactive immune response will this help ensure that my immune response is more appropriate?

Additionally, I have been exploring the possibility of adding L-arginine (500mg/day) and possible Coenzyme Q10 (600 mg/day) to my repertoire as I have 3 months before the next try at IVF.  What are your thoughts on these supplements and can I take them throughout my cycle.

As always - a million thanks!!!!


Hey Sunny,

Huang Qi and Ren Shen are used in Chinese medicine to augment the qi, which in my opinion is almost always a good thing. I wonder how your yin/blood is. Do you have any dry signs?

Those herbs tonify the spleen qi which is in charge of holding in the body, so that's always a good idea when you are looking at implantation, and carrying a child.

No real thoughts on the supplements, I don't use either one in my practice, so Google would give you better advice than me on that one.

R Scott


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