Hi Heather
Accuouncture has worked well for hubby's back pain, and knee pain, and has diminished hisdesire for alcohol-a side effect of his recent treatment for knee pain.
Drinking less will help him lose weight, but can accupuncture stimulate his metabolism? I am witness to the fact he is a light and healthy eater, and he works out four times a week-but the scale wont budge. His doctor says his thyroid checks out OK-he really does have a slow metabolism, or possibly the 'thrifty gene'.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Sue,
Yes, diminished desire for alcohol can be a side effect of acupuncture.  Acupuncture is used to help people stop drinking,smoking and drugs.  Acupuncture can ramp up the metabolic system.  There are safe herbal things to try that can also help.  I like Reishi mushroom, (ganoderma).  I sell a tea and coffee (Organo-gold) that has Reishi in it and have had good success with helping people metabolize better.  I also like mung beans.  Make them into a soup they help detox the body and loose weight.  Eating small meals more often will increase metabolism.  There are theories that you have to eat more to get your system working better.  But the more has to be green leafy veggies.  I hope this helps.  

Warm Regards,
Heather Vandeburg Lac MSOM dipLAc


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