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I live in a foreign country and I would like to seek treatment for my OCD through Acupuncture.
How should I tell the the Acupuncture practitioner about my condition, do I have to tell him or her about any specific points to look out for  or would the practitioner be able to diagnose this, being trained in Acupuncture.


ANSWER: Hey Alvin,

OCD would fall under the category of "shan you si" or anxiety and over-thinking.
I know in the states there aren't a lot of people that specialize in mental-emotional issues, but I can't speak for the rest of the world. We all treat the emotions as we treat the body as the body is the substance of the mind and you can't really treat one without the other.

If the person is Asian, I would mention shan you si and then explain to them the term OCD and how you are expressing it.

A proper diagnosis will show the root of the issue, but I will give you some things to be aware of and a place to start.

The Spleen is the channel and organ of over-thinking, worry and rumination.
The Lung is the channel and organ of fear, order, obsessive order and at the other end of the spectrum chaos.

Now I don't particularly like how we tend to chunk up the elements into one or the other organs and channels. I would call this perhaps primarily a Spleen/Lung issue, but I would never fail to treat the corresponding organ. I would treat Stomach/Spleen and Lung/Large Intestine.I would do this to make sure the element is balanced in it's totality, not just half of it.

I'll go through the lot of it and you can see which parts sing to you.

The Stomach and Spleen are Earth. Some of the issues of Earth can pertain to nurturing.
often times people with Earth issues were not properly nurtured by either or/and both parents.

This lends itself to possibly not feeling cared for which can cause a certain fear for survival. This might lead us into Kidney/Bladder and fear as something else to look at.
Perhaps it creates a certain grief and sadness and the ability to let go of that grief which brings us to Metal. Lung and Large Intestine are the Metal element.
Perhaps feeding the Metal by creating order through precision placement or ritual also brings us some relief in Earth by assuaging our worry.

Perhaps resentment is affecting the Liver/Gallbladder and Wood, causing it to further injure and weaken the Earth, reiterating the issue. LV/GB is often seen as anger/frustration/resentment/ unfulfilled desire.

Perhaps a lack of joy or passion usually expressed by the Fire element #Heart and Small Intestine# is depressing the Child element of Earth and giving rise to anxiety that can only be suppressed and comforted through the order of Metal.

There is a lot of what if in this exposition, as this is a partial overview of just a few of the possibilities for your issue.

I do believe that it can be sorted, but you will need to find someone who has a penchant for this kind of work, and one willing to take the time to ferret out all the bits and pieces.

Ideally even someone who didn't specifically treat mental/emotional issues should be able to, with a proper diagnosis, treat the imbalances of the body that are reflected in the mind.
By balancing the body, rectifying the mind. It does help to have someone account for it in the diagnosis and treatment though.

I don't know that this has been terribly helpful for you, but perhaps the overview can give you a place to start and things to watch out for.

If you have any other questions that I can help you with, feel free to drop me a line any time.

R.Scott Malone LAc.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Scott (Hope that is how I should address you.),

Not sure if I have thanked you for the detailed response.
It is most helpful.

I am going to schedule an appointment with an acupuncturist soon. No worries about the language as most of the practitioners here in Singapore are Chinese.

Just concerned if they have treated mental conditions before as mostly acupuncture is being used to treat physical conditions.
You are probably right about the mind and body connection though.

Again, thanks for your kind help.

Best regards,

Hey Alvin,

Glad to be of service.
I think even if they don't specifically address the mental emotional
Component, a good practitioner will pick up the imbalance in the body and qi channels and correct it. Congratulations on getting some help. If you ever have a question, feel free to ask.
Good luck and be well,



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