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Acupuncture/Chinese herbs for brain fog and fatigue


Hello there. I have been experiencing mental fatigue and brain fog for over 10 years. I have been to psychologists and medical doctors for this condition. They have prescribed me a series of anti depressants that did nothing but make me feel more tired and drugged. I am 55 years old, have mild hypertension, and ringing in my ears. I run, mountain bike, and cycle regularly. Neither sleep or exercise helps my feeling of tiredness and lack of concentration. It is my experience that western medicine can not help me. On the internet I have been looking to try the Chinese herbs Jian Nao Wan or Bu Nao Wan. Do you think that this could help me? Do you have any other recommendations or insight? Thank you for your advice and help. I have bee existing with this condition for a long time.

Hey Paul,

Both of those formulas are to build heart and liver blood. They are for a very specific type of brain fog/memory issue.
I wouldn’t recommend them from what you are telling me. Blood building herbs tend to be rich and cloying, fairly hard to digest if you are qi or energy deficient.

The fact that you are having fatigue for 10 years tells me that you are qi deficient.
One of the best basic formulas for that is Si Jun Zi Tang.

The thing about Chinese medicine though is that it requires a diagnosis. I only have one sliver of information, so my general diagnosis and recommendation is based on that. Now if you are dry and sweating or hot at night, then you would want Ba Zhen Tang to build both qi and blood concomitantly.

So with no more information as a general diagnosis and recommendation, I would say:
Si Jun Zhi Tang - Just fatigue and brain fog with no dryness or heat at night.
Ba ZHen Tang - for fatigue AND dryness or heat at night.

If you like, you can send an email to and I’ll send you an intake for you to fill out and send back
and make a recommendation from there. No charge.

I think those formulas you mentioned, would actually tax you more so I do not recommend them for you.

Be Well,

R Scott Malone LAc


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