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Acupuncture/Chinese herbs for fatigue and brain fog


Hello there. I have been experiencing mental fatigue and brain fog for over 10 years. I have been to psychologists and medical doctors for this condition. They have prescribed me a series of anti depressants that did nothing but make me feel more tired and drugged. I am 55 years old, have mild hypertension, and ringing in my ears. I run, mountain bike, and cycle regularly. Neither sleep or exercise helps my feeling of tiredness and lack of concentration. It is my experience that western medicine can not help me. On the internet I have been looking to try the Chinese herbs Jian Nao Wan or Bu Nao Wan. Do you think that this could help me? Do you have any other recommendations or insight? Thank you for your advice and help. I have bee existing with this condition for a long time.

Hi Paul,
I am sorry that you have been dealing with this for so long.  I am also sorry that you haven't found relief.  You symptoms could be related to internal wind, jing deficiency, and phlegm misting the heart. That is what bu nao pian is indicated for.  There are other possible causes for your symptoms as well.  For example you could be blood and qi(chee) deficient.

It would be a very good idea for you to go to a Chinese herbalist and get a proper diagnosis.  Chinese herbal medicine is serious medicine and shouldn't be guessed about.  

I would say maybe you could safely try an adaptogenic tonic.  For example Huang qi (astragalus) it lowers blood pressure and boosts energy. or ling zhi (ganoderma) improves memory, reduces fatigue, improves mood, lowers blood pressure.  You should avoid formulas with Ren shen (ginseng) in them, because it will raise your blood pressure. But the best answer is get some help.  Go to and find someone in your area that practices Chinese Herbal medicine. There are lots of possibilities for you to try.  If you want to read more about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) patterns you could check out "The Web that has no Weaver" by Ted Kaptchuk.

Looking at your tongue and taking your pulse will be a crucial part of your diagnosis.  If you have a thick coat that lead more toward phlegm and damp.  If you have a very pale tongue body that leads toward qi and blood deficiency.   I hope this helped.  Good luck,

Heather Vandeburg LAc MSOM diplAc


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