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Can acupuncture be used to treat back pain during pregnancy? What other conditions does it treat in pregnant women? At what stage of her pregnancy is it safe for her to begin treatment? When should she stop? How is treatment administered? Is it painful? Thank you!

Hey Angela,
In my practice I usually treat any points in the whole body during the first trimester.
The number of points that you can safely use in the second is fewer, and fewer still in the third.
That being said, if the back pain is from tight or knotted muscles, threading the muscles to get them to release can be used with little concern i believe.
A good chiropractor is also a good addition to the mix during pregnancy, as the ligaments loosen during pregnancy and this can lead to bones slipping out of place causing back pain and some other issues.

Treatment is fairly painless, with needles although there may be some discomfort. Insertion of filament thin needles and then leaving them in for a short while.

If you are near Lakewood, near Orlando, I highly recommend Tammy Bennett.

Let me know if you have any more questions,

R Scott Malone LAc


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