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Hello, my son is 25, he has been suffering from severe anxiety, OCD, panic disorder for over 10 years. He did acupuncture for over a year several times before but with no results. We live in Indiana, how can we find a good specialist? Acupuncture should be helpful for these mental disorders, is that correct?

And can acupuncture be used for the face lift? Does this article make sense ?

Thank you!

Hey Alex,

I would look up NCCAOM for listings in your state and then perhaps
Check Yelp and look at reviews. Obviously one of the best ways is word
Of mouth from someone that recommends the practitioner.

I would recommend finding someone that only practices acupuncture
As they will typically have more training and experience.
The "Jack of all trades" idea is especially true of acupuncture.

I have used acupuncture and particularly herbal medicine to
Great effect for mental emotional issues. There is a great book
By a medical doctor who turned to it with great result in his psychiatric
Practice called Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies.
I think the herbal component is crucial though, so make sure you are
Getting herbs with the sessions.

I have practiced cosmetic acupuncture as well, I usually recommend
10 to 15 treatments in a fairly short amount of time as a base series of
Treatment to get the effect, and then a session once a month, or every
6 weeks to freshen it up. That article is spot on.

If you have any more questions, feel free.

R Scott Malone LAc


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