Last year I received acupuncture treatments for knee pain. Not only did they resolve the pain, my desire to drink alcohol greatly diminished. This was great since I tend to overdo it with the beer. I would like to go back justfor for alcohol treatments again-with warm weather and sports, I am starting to drink a bit too much beer again.
My schedule only allows for sessions once every two or three weeks. Will that be enough? BTW I am not a problem drinker or alcoholic, I just want cut down. Thanks!

Hey Bud,

There is an ear needle protocol called NADA which is a short
5 needle treatment for each ear that lasts about 20 min.
I have used it for everything from alcohol to smoking and even food
Cravings. It works on the craving. Usually twice a week for 4 weeks
Is the standard protocol, but if it's not a big issue once every couple
Of weeks should work well for you.

One of the reasons we drink is to self medicate.
According to Chinese medicine, stress, anger frustration and resentment
Affect the liver causing it to stagnate. Alcohol circulates the liver qi a
Bit, so it helps us decompress. There are formulas that help that as well.
Xiao Yao San and Chai Hu Tang are great for decompression.
Aerobic exercise helps as well, as it circulates the liver qi and reduces
I would recommend a session and then get a formula to take in between
Sessions and take a short walk in the evenings, you should be right as
Rain my friend.

Hope that helps,

R Scott Malone LAc  


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