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I was able to clear up a lot of musculo-skeletal issues with my acupunctureist, but not my digestive ones.
I suffer from a slow metabolism, although my TSH levels are good, and if I have to eat like a bird or I gain weight. The main issue for me is all the weight goes to my belly, and it is not so much weight as 'gas'. There is no weight gain. I don't drink any more alcohol than average, but on the occasions when I eat out and have a few drinks, my belly is so distended that for days I look like I am pregnant and have to let my belt out.
Both my doctor and acupuncturist think I eat and drink more than I say, which frustrates me. They say its just central obesity and gastritis, and as I mentioned I test show no issues at all. I do have a family history of diabetes, maybe that's why carbs and sugars bloat me up? I have been like this all my life however-even as a skinny kid with a big belly.
I am thinking of seeing a new acupuncturist, one more sympathetic.
Is this an issue you have come across and is treatable with acupuncture?

Dear Bud -

What an interesting issue you present.  Probably acupuncture is not necessarily the modality that will help your problem.  Digestive issues that have specific origins and results typically are better treated with herbal formulae.  Acupuncture is most useful in digestive conditions where there are generalized disharmonies.  (Always starting with acupoints Zu San Li and Wei Guan.) I suspect that you have an enzymatic deficiency that is making digestion of starches and certain types of sugars difficult.  The herbal formulae that might be helpful in a situation like yours requires some fine-tuning.  I would start with the old standby of Kang Ning Wan (prefer the Plum Flower brand; sometimes called Curing Pills.)  If that didn't help after a few days, then another choice might be Shu Gan Wan (again, taken about 30 minutes before a meal.)  To explore further if neither of these worked, then some inquiry would have to be made about your overall physical signs and symptoms in East Asian medicine terms; that is obviously beyond the scope of this answer.

I don't think that you need a new acupuncturist so much as having an honest discussion with the one you have now about how you feel and what outcomes you want. Clearly, you do not feel the way that you want and somewhere in this mix is the path to resolution.

I wish you well - - -  


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