Hi! I have 2 large lipomas (2" x 2"), one on back of right thigh and one on right  buttox cheek. I have done one treatment of surround the dragon acupuncture  yesterday and have drank raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar ( diluted) for a long time. Do you have any better advice, please. I have had them a long time and I am working on releasing past resentments from childhood. I am 57 years old, female. Thank you in advance.😄

Hey Cindy,
I think every modality has its place.
From a TCM perspective, you could tonify the Spleen to clear accumulation, Kidney for accumulation I, the lower body and continue to surround the Dragon, but to be honest I would have a surgeon remove them and then continue treatment specifically including herbs,to correct the imbalance that allowed them to form in the first place.

Be well,
R Scott Malone LAc


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