I am male, 56. Good health overall, but somewhat overweight. I have had trouble with digestion since childhood. A normal portion meal bloats me up and makes me tired. This has gotten worse over the years. I believe it is call irritable bowel syndrome or visceral hypersensitivity.
I have found avoiding red meat, fatty foods, and alcohol reduces the symptoms, and taking digestive enzymes and fennel helps too, but it is still there. For example, for supper tonight I had a skinless chicken breast and some rice, but I still need to lie down after.
I have had good success with accupuncture for musculo-skeletal issues. Will it help with this?

Aloha, Bud -

I applaud your efforts at controlling this difficult condition.  Both acupuncture and herbal formula may be of assistance.  I typically use acupuncture to get a situation under control, and then use herbs to maintain things.  The acupuncture treatment is pretty simple and any experienced practitioner should be able to provide effective care.  The herbal formula I most often use is called Shu Gan Wan in Mandarin and is commonly available.  Depending on your presenting signs and symptoms, however, another formula might be more appropriate.  You don't mention, but I wonder if you have had your gall bladder function checked; this may be also be a factor.  In any case,acupuncture should be helpful.

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I am knowledgeable about severe and chronic pain from musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, especially trauma, headache, and fibromyalgia. I can provide guidance that will assist healing and recovery after illness or surgery. I have a particular interest in long-term chronic conditions that are becoming progressively worse or intermittently severe (such as viral hepatitis, Crohn's, or Takayasu syndrome.) I have extensive experience treating endocrine disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid problems, where the primary condition is being monitored by a Western-trained physician, and cancer where there are specific treatment goals other than cure (e.g., decrease of pain; reduction of side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; lessening of edema; palliative treatment of associated conditions.) I do not treat or answer questions about infertility, ALS, or senile dementia.


I have practiced Oriental medicine for over sixteen years in a variety of settings. Much of my practice has centered around a busy clinic specializing in severe long-term chronic pain conditions and palliative care. For several years I worked in a hospice program. I also established a non-profit community clinic providing care to under-served and homeless patients. My work has found me in an HIV clinic in San Francisco, a busy private practice in Oregon, to traveling on muddy 4-wheel drive roads to see dying patients. I now teach acupuncture and Oriental medicine at a school in Hawaii.

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