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Acupuncture/visceral hypersensitivity?


I am male, 56. Good health overall, but somewhat overweight. I have had trouble with digestion since childhood. A normal portion meal bloats me up and makes me tired. This has gotten worse over the years. I believe it is call irritable bowel syndrome or visceral hypersensitivity.
I have found avoiding red meat, fatty foods, and alcohol reduces the symptoms, and taking digestive enzymes and fennel helps too, but it is still there. For example, for supper tonight I had a skinless chicken breast and some rice, but I still need to lie down after.
I have had good success with accupuncture for musculo-skeletal issues. Will it help with this?

Hi Bud, It sounds like you have a spleen qi imbalance and possibly food stagnation issues. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas should really be able to help you. You are naturally avoiding foods that add to spleen dampness and imbalance so that is really good. There are formula made just for your problem. You should find soneone with a masters degree in Oriental Medicine that is a practicing herbalist. They should be able to help you. Warm regards,

Heather Vandeburg LAc MSOM diplAc


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