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This  may be more of a medical question but I am hopefull in your experiance you have encountered this.
I have been able to pretty much curb my alcohol intake to next to nothing since mid summer. At that time I was a binge drinker, and needed copious amounts to get the desired effect.
The last couple time I have drank recently, I actually felt nauseous-kind of like I did when I was a kid taking my first drink.
I think its kind of cool as it reinforces my desire to abstain, but I am a bit worried.
Does this indicate my liver is back to its old self and alcohol does not agree with it, or is it so damaged now that just a bit gets me sick. I sue hope its the former!
By the way, that is the only negative sign in my health I have noticed. My digestion, mood, energy levels, and just about everything else are improving. Thanks!

Good day,

Our body is able to recover quite well depending on the damage done.
The alcohol affects the release of various chemicals in the brain
which can have other effects such as nausea.

It is always good to get checked out by a doctor
just in case your problem is something other
than just an alcohol reaction.

Your liver can take some abuse and still recover if you
abstain for some time.

Since I deal with alcoholics the problem usually requires full
abstinence to prevent the change in thinking which precedes
a full relapse into addictive binging or other patterns of drinking.

Alcoholics change mentally when they drink which leads them back to
obscessive and compulsive drinking over and over.
This is one of the effects alcohol has on brain chemistry.

If you have a brain that releases these endorphines etc
when you drink then you may experience some nausea and
also a desire to drink compulsively at some point.
This is a dangerous cycle to be caught up in.
Keep a watch on your alcohol intake.

You may want to talk to a doctor about any possible
stomach or liver problems and also diabetes just
to put your mind at rest.
Blood sugar changes can also create some nausea.

Good luck!

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