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I have a 40yr old niece that is an alcoholic.  My entire family has helped her over and over again.  Always baling her out of her "problems" whether it be with money or housing or starting her life again.  She made 1 attempt at in house rehab and stayed for a total of 3 hours then demanded my sister pick her up.  Which she did.  Since then she has continued to go down hill.  The longest she's been sober is 8 days.  Everyone has decided to walk away from her and let the chips fall where they may.  All but my sister.  Whenever she gets in a jam she continues to some how find the money to get her out of the mess.  
My question is this.  When is it time to walk away.  When do you say enough is enough.  You need to hit rock bottom and realize you need to stop drinking before we help you anymore.  

Thank you

Beverley Glazer MA., ICCAC
Beverley Glazer MA., I  

Beverley Glazer MA. ICCAC, CCC
Beverley Glazer MA. IC  
Hi Kathy,

As long as your sister is the 'weak link' your niece will continue her behavior. Your sister thinks she's helping, but what she's doing is enabling. Here is more information on this:

Alcoholics are great manipulators so your sister probably feels guilty if she doesn't give her what she wants.  Tell your sister to go to Al-Anon. Here, she'll learn more about the alcoholic mind-set, and relieve herself of her guilt.

The time to walk away is now, ASAP, and yes, enough is enough! You don't have to hit absolute 'rock bottom', but the alcoholic has to see that there's nowhere to turn and he/she has to change -- or else.

I hope this information is helpful,
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